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March 31, 2011

Awesome Stuff - Pokeball Bento Box


Monster Tale Trailer

(Rated E)


Club Nintendo - Reversible Pouches are SOLD OUT!

Club Nintendo is currently out of the Pouches. 
Don't worry though, they will be back soon!


Rabbids Travel in Time 3D Trailer

(Rated E)


Awesome Stuff - Wiimote helps make fan-made VR version of Fruit Ninja come to life

Looks like it needs a little tweaked a bit, but still looks fun!


GameMill Entertainment goes pink with Pinkalicious, It's Party Time, out now for DS

Minneapolis, MN – March 30, 2011 – GameMill Entertainment is pleased to announce that Pinkalicious, It’s Party Time is available now for the Nintendo DS TM family of handheld systems. Based on the New York Times best-selling children’s book, Pinkalicious, It’s Party Time allows players to create the perfect parties in the beloved town of Pinkville. To celebrate the launch of the game, GameMill will offer a Pinkalicious stylus and cleaner bundle limited time offer.

In Pinkalicious, It’s Party Time, players are able to interact with the much adored character, Pinkalicious, and explore the pinkeriffic stores of Pinkville. Players are able to choose and customize their own personal avatar in this interactive gameplay, allowing their character to fulfill the task of planning the most pinkerrific parties. Players will get to make the party treats, create their own pink outfit and put together pink party bags for all of their guests. Pinkalicious, It’s Party Time, will keep the player captivated with endless customization and pinkerrific activities.

Pinkalicious, It’s Party Time, developed by 1st Playable Productions, and is available now for $29.99 for Nintendo DS™. This game has been rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. To receive more information about Pinkalicious, It’s Party Time, please visit www.game-mill.com.



Kung Fu Panda 2

(Not Rated, but I'd say it will be E10+)

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. – Mar 30, 2011 – THQ (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced its plans to release the Kung Fu Panda 2™ video game on Kinect™ for Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, uDraw GameTablet®™ for the Wii™ system and the Nintendo DS™ handheld system, in conjunction with the theatrical debut of the eagerly anticipated movie from DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. (NASDAQ: DWA).

The Sun says hundreds of 3DS owners are slamming Nintendo over dizzyness issues, Nintendo UK refutes claim

A recent article from The Sun claims that "Hundreds of furious gamers have slammed Nintendo's new 3DS console – for making them feel ill". Funny that The Sun reports this, because Nintendo UK hasn't received a single complaint.
"We've had zero calls on this issue in both the UK and across Europe since Nintendo 3DS launch. It seems to have arisen from a few tweets and comments following the US launch this week. However if anyone in the UK is experiencing discomfort whilst playing Nintendo 3DS we recommend in the first instance they follow our advice. Each person is different and therefore we advise consumers that when using their Nintendo 3DS, they need to find the distance and angle that is most comfortable for them, and use the built-in depth slider to select the level of 3D they enjoy the most. The 3D effect can be scaled back or even turned off completely. Also, regardless of age, we recommend that consumers take a break every 30 minutes when playing in 3D mode. Finally, parents and caregivers are advised that children six and under should not use the 3D mode, and they can easily restrict the display of 3D mode by using the Parental Controls feature." - Nintendo spokesperson


Free Eevee evolution in Pokemon Black/White

Head to the Pokémon Fun Zone to befriend a Pokémon that you can meet via the Pokémon Global Link!

Play this game on Pokemon.com, and you'll be able to meet one of Eevee's seven evolutions in the Pokémon Dream World when the Pokémon Global Link website launches this spring! The Pokémon Global Link is an awesome new website connected to the Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version games for the Nintendo DS™. To get ready for the launch of the Pokémon Global Link, head to the Pokémon Fun Zone to play a fun new minigame, where you can befriend one of Eevee's evolutions! The Pokémon you befriend will appear when you visit the Pokémon Dream World, one of the amazing new features of the Pokémon Global Link. From there, you can receive that Pokémon in your copy of the Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version game!

Before playing this game, be sure to sign into your Pokémon Trainer Club account. After you complete the game, the Pokémon you befriend will be transferred to your account. When the Pokémon Global Link website launches this spring, the Pokémon you befriend will be waiting for you when you visit the Pokémon Dream World!

Sign in to your Pokémon Trainer Club account and befriend one of Eevee's evolutions now!


Super Monkey Ball 3D Gameplay

(Rated E)


MonkeyPaw Games Announces Retro Revamp BurgerTime HD

The idea behind MonkeyPaw Games is to bridge East and West. We believe each hemisphere deserves each other's games. And many great titles have not seen a foreign shore. So we took up the mantle to find, recreate and publish titles that need such treatment. We’ve petitioned your requests for Japanese games and have brought you 14 classic retro imports on the PlayStation Network Store. More to come!

Now we’re about to try something different. We reviewed the way retro gaming has been presented in recent years on the digital download platforms. Some games have been graphically retouched and look impressive. But a true classic deserves a complete reinvention in order to rekindle the magic that made it special.

Our first foray into evolving retro is BurgerTime HD. This culinary classic arcade screamed out for revival. We’ve kept the burger-making mechanic but placed the action into a Rotary Environmental System, allowing cylindrical 3D levels to rotate around a center axis and the player to build burgers around the circumference.

The 40 complex levels allow a harrowing haul through burgerdom spiced up by four hairy bosses. Four-player local and online play adds an intense competitive element. And chat, avatars, leaderboards, trophies and downloadable content will make this game a classic, once again!

With this expanded canvas, creative platform mechanics and a bevy of new characters, it is hard to call the game retro. It is more akin to an extension of the original vision, an evolution. We plan to release BurgerTime HD early this summer so be on the lookout for more news at www.BurgerTimeHD.com.

For more pics visit GoNintendo


3DS - bottom screen leaving scratches on top screen?

Here's something a few people have been experiencing with the 3DS, and it could lead to some issues down the road. For whatever reason, it seems that the bottom screen will leave a smudge mark on the top screen when the 3DS is closed. You'll get two faint lines running down the sides of the top screen that can usually be wiped away. Unfortunately, now we're hearing from some people that the top screen is getting faint scratches from the top screens...lines that can be felt and not wiped away. Obviously, this could be a bit of a distraction when viewing 3D. Has anyone else come across this problem? I've had the smudges, but haven't seen a scratch yet.

Thanks to GoNintendo for the heads up!


Some people over at GoNintendo are saying that screen protectors are helping with the situation..  So if you are worried about this happening to your system, better go grab some screen protectors now! Also, be careful when closing your system!


March 30, 2011

Details about Nintendo Power's Mario 2nd Edition

- 10 marvelous Mario posters
- Detailed looks at Mario’s defining games
- Profiles of Mario and his pals
- Mario’s coolest cameos, most prolific power-ups, and more
order here


Play for Japan's game auctions

Nintendo DS framed Signed by Miyamoto, Iwata and Martinet – 100% charity

This and many other auctions here

Thanks to GoNintendo for the heads up!


Cave Story 3D Hops Onto Nintendo 3DS In June

Nicalis and NIS America are giving Cave Storya full remake for the Nintendo 3DS. This version of Cave Story is still a platformer, but the game uses 3D models instead of sprites. Iplayed a tiny bit of it and it was just likeCave Story 2.5D.

When NIS America announced Cave Story 3D, they said the title was on track to be a "launch window" game. We honed in on the date and Cave Story 3D is scheduled to be in stores on June 28.

In addition to 3D graphics, producer Tyrone Rodriguez and creator Daisuke Amaya mentioned to Siliconera in an interview there will be new elements in this version ofCave Story. Amaya pointed out new and old music and Rodriguez said there would be elements from the unreleased Cave Story beta.


North America 3DS Commercial 1 and 2


Country Dance for Wii now available

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – March 29, 2011 – GameMill Entertainment’s Country Dance for Wii™ lands on store shelves nationwide today.

Country Dance features more than 25 songs from country music’s biggest names of past and present including Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Sugarland, Johnny Cash, Miley Cyrus, Brooks & Dunn, Zac Brown Band, Tim McGraw and more.

Hand-made 3DS AR Cards work!

As you can see, you can draw up your own 3DS AR Cards, and as long as they look similiar to the genuine item, you'll be good to go. Now who's going to test this out with custom-made character cards?! 

Thanks to GoNintendo and Tyler for the heads up!


Some 3DS owners experiencing loose hinge issues, Nintendo says 3DS issues aren't widespread

So...we have two black screens of death, and now some people are complaining that their 3DS hinges are a tad too loose. If you visit Nintendo's support site, you can see that they have already listed a possible hinge issue.
System Hinge Problems (Loose)

The Nintendo 3DS system's upper screen will not stay open during use
Upper screen won't click into place
Upper screen flops back when opened
What to do:

To resolve this issue, the system will need to be repaired.
If you happen to have that issue, you can click here to resolve it. Just how many people are having this and other issues with the system? Nintendo says the numbers are extremely low.
"The number of calls and emails received by our customer support center is well below the rate experienced during past hardware launches, and there are no widespread issues. As always, people who have questions or comments about Nintendo 3DS or any Nintendo products can visit our support website at http://support.nintendo.com or call 800-255-3700."


Nintendo - 3DS launch saw 'highest day-one sales of any Nintendo portable' (North America)

The following comments on the 3DS come from Nintendo...
- highest day-one sales of any portable system in the company's history
- first-week figures available on April 14th via NPD
"Nintendo worked hard to get as much product as possible to retailers on day one to meet demand, and we will continue with these efforts moving forward." - Nintendo statement
Well, now we finally have some concrete evidence of 3DS sales, and it looks like good news indeed! Topping every other Nintendo portable day-one sales is a big victory indeed.


Big Bass Arcade - Gameplay

(Rated E)


NEWS - 505 Games Announces Johnny Test Available Now for DS

Agoura Hills, CA—March 29, 2011—Global videogame publisher 505 Games announced today that Johnny Test™, Cookie Jar Entertainment’s hit animated TV show on Cartoon Network, is available now for Nintendo DS™ in stores everywhere. Johnny Test™ is the TV series’ first-ever full-length videogame and features all of the characters you’ve come to know and love, like Johnny’s dog Dukey, his twin genius sisters Mary and Susan, next door neighbor Gil and villains Bling Bling Boy, Mr. Wacko, and Brain Freezer. Players can expect to encounter them all in the quest to save Johnny’s hometown of Porkbelly in Johnny Test, available everywhere for only $29.99 USD.
“I can’t wait for everyone to see what experiments and trouble I get into in my new videogame,” said Johnny Test. “Join me in my new game as I tamper with my sisters' ‘real life simulator’ machine and end up having to save the entire city of Porkbelly - I’m definitely going to need your help to get out of this mess, so pick up my game today and help me save the day!”

3DS - StreetPass demonstration



Super Monkey Ball 3D - latest trailer, screens

Club Nintendo - Post-play surveys, product registration window of opportunity much smaller

If you have Nintendo products to register over at Club Nintendo, you better jump on the registrations as soon as possible. There have been some big changes according to the updated Question and Answer section.
Q: Do surveys expire?
A: Yes. In general, Product Registration surveys expire after 7 days, and Post Play surveys expire 120 days after registration. Please review the date listed next to the survey in your To-Do list to ensure that you take the survey before it expires.
120 days may be a big change from the years that were previously offered, but it's still not that bad. The 7-day survey window might be a bit tougher.

Thanks to GoNintendo for the info!


WiiWare DSiWare Releases - Mar. 28th 2011

This week, players of any age are invited to check out new demo versions of games for the WiiWare™ service – one offering competitive darts challenges, the other giving preschoolers a fun way to learn by interacting with baby animals. For the Nintendo DSiWare™ service, there's a new version of a classic card game, plus a wild new photo-manipulation game that can turn an ordinary face into something eerie and outrageous. The wide selection of downloadable games for Nintendo systems truly has something for everyone.

A comparison of 3DS RAM to its peers

The 3DS has hypnotized me with its 3D visuals and near perfect port of Super Street Fighter IV, but are those visuals and static backgrounds the best it can muster? Well, according to a post on ifixit, there’s an wealth of untapped resources waiting to be unlocked in the darkest region of the 3DS.
The 3DS is equipped with a Fujitsu MB82M8080-07L, duh. I have no clue what that actually means, and if you do you’re a much better person than I am. What it boils down to is that this chip has 512 megabits FCRAM which equates to 128mb of RAM! Socks = BLOWN OFF.
The OS consumes a standard 32mb of RAM for its multitasking needs which leaves games to play around with 96mb of RAM. And you know what that means? Time to put on your perspective goggles!
  • The Atari 2600 has 126 Bytes of RAM
  • The NES has 2KB of onboard RAM
  • Sega Genesis has 64KB of RAM
  • The N64 contains 4MB of RAM (expandable to 8MB)
  • Playstation 2 has 32MB of RAM
  • PSP has 32MB of RAM
  • The Wii has 88MB of RAM
  • The PS3 has 256 MB of RAM
  • The iPhone 4 has 512MB of RAM
What does this mean? That the 3DS is basically just four PSPs duct taped together.

March 29, 2011

Just so you know

For most of the day I will be adding "labels" to all the previous post here on the blog. I really wish I had seen this option before, but least I figured it out before we got any further.
Some of you may have also noticed that I was finally able to add the Facebook Widget to the left side of the blog. Many thanks to the people who clicked the "like" button on our new Facebook page to make it possible!

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting up as much Nintendo News as I can find. We should also have the Epic Mickey review up any day now. I think we are almost all the way through it. It has proved to be very difficult to do without a Guide of some sorts. Plus Daemion only gets 1 hour of game time per day during the week, so it can be hard to go through a game like this quickly.

Hope you all enjoy the changes that we have made to the blog over the last few days. We are trying to make things a little easier for everyone to navigate. Have a good day everyone!

UPDATE: Almost done labeling everything for the month of March.. I'm gonna take a break for a little while.. I have a feeling that I'll be labeling stuff in my sleep tonight!


March 26, 2011

3DS Impressions by My little Gamer

Our Best Buy finally got a 3DS Demo Station yesterday, so we headed up there just a few hours ago to test it out. When we first walked up I quickly moved the 3D slider all the way down, then I pulled it from it's dock and gave it to Daemion to try it out. As soon as he turned the 3D on he got a HUGE smile across his face. I told him to play with the slider to find the sweet spot where it looks best. So he quickly moved it up and down and found out that about half way works best for him.

As you can see in the pics, Pilotwings was the game being demoed. Daemion kept saying the whole time, "Aw man, this is awesome.. this is just awesome". He played for around 15 minutes to see if he felt dizzy or got any eyestrain, but he never did at all. After he played for a bit, he looked at me and said I had to try it. So I grabbed it and messed with the slider to find what worked best for me. I only had to move it slightly above the off position and I got the full 3D effect without any blurring. I was very skeptical about how good the 3D worked, but after trying it, I was blown away at how good it actually looked. The graphics were also very smooth and the depth is just insane. I was also concerned about the placement of the D-Pad, but after fiddling with it a bit I found out that it's pretty comfortable and doesn't feel like it would give my thumb any strain at all. The slide pad also felt nice and was very responsive while playing Pilotwings.

Overall I think the 3DS is an amazing piece of machinery. Just the Demo alone gave me enough reason to warrant a purchase. Daemion and I can't wait to finally get our hands on one some day soon. Hopefully it will be sooner than later. So, when we were leaving the store I asked Daemion what he would score(1-10scale) the 3D and graphics based just on the Demo he played. He instantly said an 11! Personally, I can see where he got that number, I think it's fantastic too. I can't wait to try out all of the other countless features. I really do think that if Nintendo can keep getting the blockbuster titles for this thing, it will easily outsell the mighty DS. This thing is truly not a gimmick, it's the real deal. 3D with no glasses baby! Wooooo!!

Daemion: This is AWESOME! 
You guys need to get one!
It looks amazing!

(Pics taken with our DSi)

Hope you guys enjoyed our impressions of the 3DS.
Sorry if there is any mistakes in this blog post.
It's very late and I've had a very looong day.


March 24, 2011

It's finally that time

Daemion's little brother is finally getting to be that age where he can start playing some great games. His name is Louscion(Lew-shin), and he turned 4 this past September. He has played the PooYoo's Wiiware games during the last few months and has had a blast with them. We let him try to play some Mario Kart a while back, but he didn't have much fun because he just wasn't good enough yet. This also seemed to turn him off from playing most games too. But now, he is finally starting show interest in it again. So today we gave him a wheel again and tried our best to help him with the controls. His skills have improved a good bit since his last attempt at playing. He isn't the best at racing yet, but he has found out that he absolutely loves battle mode! His favorite character is Luigi too! I'm really hoping he keeps it up, cause Daemion really wants his little brother to keep playing games right along with him. Who knows, I might have to change the name of the blog to "My little gamers".
Here's a picture I snapped of them playing Mario Kart earlier without them knowing. hehe


Daemion's Mario Kart Wii Tournament Time #3

In this Tournament you must race against 
Dry Bowser @ N64 Bowser Castle. 

Daemion had a real hard time with the Tournament this week. After one attempt, he was done playing. I think overall he got a good time. It was also a really close race in the end. He finally passed Dry Bowser in the last turn by hitting him with a green shell. 
It was a great ending for a long and grueling race.
Good job buddy!

Daemion said: 
This is the hardest Tournament I've raced so far.

[Tournament Time #3]
[3:57:963 w/ Wheel]



We finally got our computer running again.. One of our ram chips went out and made everything mess up. It's not running great, but it does work now. Hopefully we will be able to get another ram chip soon to help it run better. Until then, we won't be posting up much of anything because of how long it takes. Plus it sometimes hangs up and has to be restarted. Grrr.
I will be posting up Daemion's Mario Kart time and a great pic of him and his brother playing Mario Kart in just a few minutes. Also, since it's spring break we have been playing Epic Mickey every chance we get. So we should have the review of it up very soon! Stay tuned!


March 22, 2011


Our computer has officially bit the dust.. its looking like it will be after the first of the month before we will be able to get it fixed.. all we have to use right now is our wii and dsi for the internet. if any of you need to contact us for whatever reason, email us here: mylittlegamerblog@gmail.com
we'll try and get things up and running again asap! thanks for your understanding... Dustin

March 21, 2011

NEWS - WiiWare DSiWare VC Releases - Mar. 21st 2011

March 21, 2011
Forget about tan lines and beach towels. This spring break, you can download the ingredients for a fun-filled getaway on your Wii™ or Nintendo DSi™ system. Fans of classic 16-bit action can launch themselves into the wrestling ring as Natsume Championship Wrestling™ – a brawny favorite from the Super NES™ era – makes a fresh appearance on the Virtual Console™ service. Other adventuresome offerings include G.G Series D-TANK for the Nintendo DSiWare™ service, which places players on the front lines of a fierce tank battle. Visit the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop today to browse hundreds of downloadable games, no sunscreen required.

March 20, 2011

We want to win a 3DS!

Since it's looking like Christmas before we can get a 3DS, I started looking around the net to try and find a place that was giving them away(i know, the chances are very slim, but a dads gotta do what a dads gotta do). Well, while searching we found a place called gamesplash.net that is giving away one 3DS with pilotwings.

Here are the rules to the contest:

* This contest will run from today, 3/10/10, until 4/10/10 at 12:00 AM EST.
* Make sure you use your real email address when commenting - as we'll be notifying the winner via email.
* This contest is open to North American entrants only (sorry, European folks).
* Enter as many times as you'd like, but each entry must be in its own comment.
Remember - creativity counts. Have fun, and good luck!

We left a comment saying that Daemion would go around to all his neighbors telling them he won a 3DS while wearing his Mario Costume(will record). We also said we would post something in our blog about winning.

So gamesplash, here we are to show you that we are serious! If we win, we will record him and post it here telling everyone that we won it from gamesplash.net!

Here's a link for you to go sign-up and try to win the 3DS. That way if we don't win, at least one of our fans has a chance.

Micro Review of: Galaga

This is one of my all time favorites from the arcade next to Pac-man and Donkey Kong. Daemion and I usually play it about once a month to try and beat our personal high-scores. When we started playing it yesterday I asked Daemion if he wanted to do a short review of it. Naturally he said, "Of course!". So we ended up playing for around an hour. After we finished playing I asked him what he would score it overall as a game. At first he said, "An 8!", but very quickly changed his mind and said, "Well, it's not that good. It's a 7".

Since this is a Micro Review of sorts, we are going to keep this quick. Below is an image of the score and some quotes about the game from Daemion. As for Parental Guidance, there really isn't much needed. All I had to do was show Daemion how to get the double shot. For those who don't know this, it is done by letting one of the big blue or green enemy ships pull you up into their tractor beam, then you shoot the enemy down and get your ship back. This enables you to have two ships side by side giving you two shots at once.

1-2 (take turns)

Not real sure.
We've had the game for about 2 years.

[Shot %]

[High Score]
Still trying to break 30,000

Purchased at the WiiShop Channel for 500 points ($5)

I'll try and have a Gameplay video uploaded soon!

-Dustin, Holly and Daemion

March 18, 2011

Elder-Geek.com Full Hearts Marathon for Japan

The Elder-Geek.com Full Hearts Marathon for Japan has begun. 48 straight hours of Japanese games will be played in association with MercyCorps to raise money for the victims of the disasters in Japan.

Go HERE to watch the marathon and donate!


Play Data - Kirby's: Epic Yarn

Thanks to Coffeewithgames.com!
Go HERE for the Entire Feature


March 17, 2011

Make your own mini Bob-ombs!

Supply list to build 6 of these from Hobby Lobby:
1 - bag 1 3/4" Ball Knobs (6 pcs) $2.99 1 - bag 3/4" Round Bead (8 pcs) $1.47 1 - bag 1 1/8" Circles (12 pcs) $1.47 1 - 1/8" dowel rod $1.49 4 - Craft paints $.79 each
Total cost: $10.58 + tax or ($1.76 each)
Building instructions, cut the small beads in half (I used a miter saw and a clamp), drill holes for legs into the larger ball knobs, drill hole for wick in wooden circle. Cut dowel for legs and wick. Test assemble and paint. Everything basically sticks together with paint, but you might want some glue if you plan on chucking them like grenades.
Fun cheap project.

Thanks to trip42 at Reddit.com

Here's a more updated how to do


Mail Time!

Got these in the mail today from Club Nintendo!
They are the same great quality as the ones that come with your wiimotes.
You can get them at Club Nintendo for 450 coins. All you have to do is register your first party Nintendo games and take a few surveys.
It's really that easy.


Play Data - Super Mario AllStars

Thanks to Coffeewithgames.com!
Go HERE for the Entire Feature


March 16, 2011

How the Video Game Community Is Responding to Japan's Quake Disasters

One big way the big name companies in Japan are doing their part to help is generously donating money to aid efforts...

* Nintendo ($3.65 million)
* Sony ($3.65 million and 30,000 radios)
* SEGA Sammy ($2.45 million)
* Namco Bandai ($1.23 million)
* Tecmo ($123,000)

Read Full Article Here


Sorry for the lack of NEWS

We have been real busy this last week. Holly has had a very bad toothache and I've been trying to watch all three kids and tidy up the blog at the same time, not to mention trying to play games with Daemion when he gets home from school. Plus, the new facebook page has sucked quite a bit of time up trying to get it going.

As some of you may have already noticed, there is a new navigation bar at the top of the page. We put it there to try and make things a little easier for people to navigate. It will take longer for me to get finished with everything during the day, but I think it will be well worth it to everyone in the end.
We should have things up and running at full steam any day now, just gotta get all our priorities straight about this blog. Hope you all can understand... and don't forget to sign-up at our Facebook page for a chance to win the Club Nintendo Pouch!


NEWS - ‘Exergaming' is good for kids

Kids and video games might not be all that bad, says a new study. That is, if they're the right kind of video games.
Games that require players to physically move and interact, such as Dance Dance Revolution and Nintendo Wii's Boxing, can lead to "a high level of energy expenditure," according to a study released online today in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.
Researchers at Brigham Young University in Salt Lake City and the University of Massachusetts in Boston tested six active video games with 39 boys and girls. Playing these so-called "exergames" for 10 minutes produced a workout that, depending on the game, nearly equaled or greatly exceeded that produced by spending an equal amount of time walking three miles an hour on a treadmill. What's more, overweight kids and those at-risk of becoming overweight enjoyed exergaming more than children who weren't overweight.
(To determine if you or your child is overweight, use our BMI calculator.)
The study seems to match what Consumer Reports previously found: that the latest video-game systems such as Microsoft Kinect and Sony Move are intuitive enough that consumers of nearly any age or game-playing experience can enjoy. (See our video-game system buying advice for help on determining which video game console may be right for your needs.)
Still, the researchers note that while exergaming might be a positive tool for helping kids stay more active, video games aren't a quick fix for curing childhood obesity. Further studies examining how exergaming directly compares to other physical activities need to be done, say other researchers.
In an hour, a 100-pound person walking at 3 mph will burn 223 calories. Here are how many calories a person of the same weight will burn playing five active video games:
  • Wii Boxing: 191
  • Dance Dance Revolution: 245
  • Cybex Trazer: 268
  • Light space: 291
  • Xavix: 318
  • Sportwall: 323
By Paul Eng, Consumer Reports
Tue, Mar 15, 2011


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