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March 29, 2011

Just so you know

For most of the day I will be adding "labels" to all the previous post here on the blog. I really wish I had seen this option before, but least I figured it out before we got any further.
Some of you may have also noticed that I was finally able to add the Facebook Widget to the left side of the blog. Many thanks to the people who clicked the "like" button on our new Facebook page to make it possible!

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting up as much Nintendo News as I can find. We should also have the Epic Mickey review up any day now. I think we are almost all the way through it. It has proved to be very difficult to do without a Guide of some sorts. Plus Daemion only gets 1 hour of game time per day during the week, so it can be hard to go through a game like this quickly.

Hope you all enjoy the changes that we have made to the blog over the last few days. We are trying to make things a little easier for everyone to navigate. Have a good day everyone!

UPDATE: Almost done labeling everything for the month of March.. I'm gonna take a break for a little while.. I have a feeling that I'll be labeling stuff in my sleep tonight!


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