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March 17, 2011

Make your own mini Bob-ombs!

Supply list to build 6 of these from Hobby Lobby:
1 - bag 1 3/4" Ball Knobs (6 pcs) $2.99 1 - bag 3/4" Round Bead (8 pcs) $1.47 1 - bag 1 1/8" Circles (12 pcs) $1.47 1 - 1/8" dowel rod $1.49 4 - Craft paints $.79 each
Total cost: $10.58 + tax or ($1.76 each)
Building instructions, cut the small beads in half (I used a miter saw and a clamp), drill holes for legs into the larger ball knobs, drill hole for wick in wooden circle. Cut dowel for legs and wick. Test assemble and paint. Everything basically sticks together with paint, but you might want some glue if you plan on chucking them like grenades.
Fun cheap project.

Thanks to trip42 at Reddit.com

Here's a more updated how to do


Mail Time!

Got these in the mail today from Club Nintendo!
They are the same great quality as the ones that come with your wiimotes.
You can get them at Club Nintendo for 450 coins. All you have to do is register your first party Nintendo games and take a few surveys.
It's really that easy.


Play Data - Super Mario AllStars

Thanks to Coffeewithgames.com!
Go HERE for the Entire Feature


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