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About Us

Welcome to our little Family-Friendly Video Game Review and News Blog. All of the Reviews are of Old/New Nintendo games. All of the quotes and scores you see in the Reviews are from my 7 year old son, Daemion. He even writes them up and types them out too!
My wife and I will also try to keep you up to date on NEWS about Upcoming/Current "E & E10+ Rated" Wii and DS/3DS games.

All videos and info will have the games ESRB Rating somewhere in the post. If the game doesn't have a rating yet, I will let you know. This is a rare occasion though.
I have to be pretty sure that it will be a Family-Friendly game before I post it, otherwise I'll just wait for an official rating.

If you have a game that you would like for us to Review, or have any questions about the Blog, email us at:

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