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February 19, 2011

Awesome Stuff - Tetris Decorates a Fridge

This is just awesome.
We need to do this to our own fridge.
Though, I think we just might arrange them a little differently :P

Thanks to Kotaku and GoNintendo!


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This week we have Epic Mickey, Sonic Colors and 1 WiiWare/1 VC up for vote.
More than likely, if "WiiWare/VC" is chosen, it will probably end up being either Jet Rocket or World of Goo, and one of the original Mario Bros.
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Game Finds - Madagascar Kartz

Picked this up last night at Blockbuster for $10. Daemion is a huge Penguins fan, and after seeing some video on it a few weeks ago, i knew he had to have it. There are tons of funny little jokes pumped out by King Julian(my fav), and the animations are pretty decent. It even has Shrek and the Blob from Monsters vs. Aliens! After playing it by myself last night for about an hour, I really only have one complaint.

Daemions UDraw Creation #1

Oh man does Daemion love his UDraw Tablet. It really has pulled the creativity right out of him. And let me tell ya, Doode's Big Adventure is one awesome game. You can color the backgrounds, baddies and the hero himself.
This looks like a total win for any child who loves art. It's easily one of Daemion's favorite's to play with.
If you have a child, and a Wii, my advice to you is to go snag this and have some fun with the whole family.
THQ knocked it out of the park with this one. 
Thank You THQ!

If you like this creation, don't forget to check out his Valentines Day Mario Tube!


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