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February 14, 2011

Daemions Valentines Day Box.. or should i say, tube?

The other day i asked Daemion what kind of valentines day box he wanted to try and make for school.. He thought a whole two seconds about it and replied with, "Mario, it must be Mario!"
So here is a picture of what he came up with after a few hours of messing around with ideas(all me and mom did was cut).
Low and behold, the Mario Valentines Tube! Great for holding all your friends Valentines Day gifts!
Click (ReadMore) for more pics!


  1. That's so creative! I bet it was the envy of all the other kids.

  2. everyone in his class loved it! too bad they didn't have a contest this year. i think he just might have won. well, there is always next year!


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