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February 14, 2011

Welcome to our little corner of the web!

Welcome to the Weekly Review by: My little Gamer.

We will have a weekly review of new and old Nintendo Wii, Wiiware, and Virtual Console games.
Each new review will be posted every Monday.
Our first review will be of the game Excitebots: Trick Racing this following Monday(2-21-11).
We will also announce the next game to be reviewed on that same Monday.
The scoring system will be mainly based on difficulty, controls, replay value and possible parental guidance, but expect to see the usual stuff like sound and graphics too.
Hopefully this site can help parents decide if their child will be capable of playing certain games that we review.
Because we all know that if the game says "E" on it, doesn't necessarily mean your child will be able to play it.

So stay tuned for next weeks first big review by my son, Daemion D.

If you have any suggestions about site design or the next game we should review, please leave a comment here.. thanks for looking!

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