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March 24, 2011

Daemion's Mario Kart Wii Tournament Time #3

In this Tournament you must race against 
Dry Bowser @ N64 Bowser Castle. 

Daemion had a real hard time with the Tournament this week. After one attempt, he was done playing. I think overall he got a good time. It was also a really close race in the end. He finally passed Dry Bowser in the last turn by hitting him with a green shell. 
It was a great ending for a long and grueling race.
Good job buddy!

Daemion said: 
This is the hardest Tournament I've raced so far.

[Tournament Time #3]
[3:57:963 w/ Wheel]



  1. So, I purchased this game for my wife for Christmas...because she couldn't really get into ExciteBots, but had enjoyed Mario Kart: Double Dash some on the GameCube.

    Well, she played Mario Kart Wii on Christmas day for about 30 minutes, but it hasn't made it back into the Wii since Christmas day...3 months ago!

    We played through Donkey Kong Country Returns together, and I've been waiting to see if/when she'd give Mario Kart another shot, but I may have to break it out and start a game, and see how the game is, as I haven't even played it myself.

  2. you guys need to get on it! MK Wii isn't as good as DD, but it has online and tournaments.. my whole family plays it almost daily.
    do you guys use the wheel? i prefer the CC Pro. everyone else uses the wheel.


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