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March 24, 2011

It's finally that time

Daemion's little brother is finally getting to be that age where he can start playing some great games. His name is Louscion(Lew-shin), and he turned 4 this past September. He has played the PooYoo's Wiiware games during the last few months and has had a blast with them. We let him try to play some Mario Kart a while back, but he didn't have much fun because he just wasn't good enough yet. This also seemed to turn him off from playing most games too. But now, he is finally starting show interest in it again. So today we gave him a wheel again and tried our best to help him with the controls. His skills have improved a good bit since his last attempt at playing. He isn't the best at racing yet, but he has found out that he absolutely loves battle mode! His favorite character is Luigi too! I'm really hoping he keeps it up, cause Daemion really wants his little brother to keep playing games right along with him. Who knows, I might have to change the name of the blog to "My little gamers".
Here's a picture I snapped of them playing Mario Kart earlier without them knowing. hehe



  1. It's really cool that Daemion can play video games with his younger brother now! That must be an interesting moment for a father...

    It'll be a strange, but wonderful, day when I play video games with my son for the first time, that's for sure....

    Looking forward to Your Little Gamers!


  2. yes.. i had a great little moment when i snapped that pic of them playing. i'm so glad they can finally play together and have fun.

    those hats are from their halloween costumes. the boys always put them on when they play mario now lol. it's great


  3. That is pretty awesome. :)

    I have 3 kids, and the eldest has only ever had a passing interest in games. The younger two took after me. That was an awesome pic of the kids - my son did the Mario thing for Halloween a few years ago. Can't picture his younger sister dressing up at Luigi. Here's to hoping they stick to it and play nice together. My younger two kids sometimes love playing together, sometimes... less so. :)


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