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April 07, 2011

Some of you just might call us crazy, but...

we totally smashed our DS! Some of you may remember a contest I told you about that we entered to try and win a 3DS. Well, they said you can enter more than once, so we decided to try one more time. If this doesn't say how bad we want a 3DS, I don't know what will!

WARNING: This may be painful to watch!

I got this DS the other day for this exact purpose. Traded a few games from my personal collection to get it. So I'm really hoping this is what it takes to win! Otherwise it's gonna be christmas before we get to play anymore two player DS games! doh!



  1. Daemion: Good smashing, man!

    Still, it hurts.... SO MUCH! Nonetheless, I'm hoping you guys win it! 8BitVS needs more 3DS wi-fi buddies to play games with!


  2. thanks! he had a blast doing it.. the worst part was trading up while knowing what we were gonna do to it lol.. if we don't win, we can at least say we had some fun.

  3. oh.. and here's a link to it if anyone wants to leave a reply to our comment on their site or enter.


    we are the only ones who has smashed a ds.. so it shouldn't be too hard to find lol

  4. Really cool - and yet... it really makes me twitchy to watch though. Your little guy sure got into that. Here's hoping you win - let us know one way or the other when the results are announced!

  5. Perhaps Nintendo could hire Daemion to quality control test their future products...

    Hopefully it pays off in the end, and you get the 3DS...at least you put your money where your mouth was, and have video to back it up.

  6. haha.. yea, you should see his brother with their toys. we have people tell us all the time that he needs to test toys.

    if you look at the page where we signed up, you can see that most of the people are just saying what they WILL do, not show anyone anything.. well, except for the guy who smashed his i-pod.. but that only has a picture of the aftermath.


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