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February 23, 2011

Game Finds - Gameboy Color

Found it at Goodwill earlier for $10. Also came with Super Mario Land and Cyber Tiger.
It's in pretty good condition and works great. I let Daemion play it for a few minutes earlier and he loved it.
I'm thinking about putting a custom paint job on it and maybe try installing a LED backlight to help Daemion see the screen. I've always wanted to do that.. and I found a good tutorial on how it's done.


  1. Excellent find for $10 I think!
    There's a reason I avoid thrift shops...and items like these are one of the main reasons!

  2. lol.. im a sucker for old games. if it's a good deal and i have the cash, i snag it. i usually end up trading it for newer games and points cards though lol.
    you know.. today, one of Daemion's cousins that he hasn't seen in over a year came by.. they rarely see each other because of the distance.. while they was hanging out, Daemion asked if he had any games that he played.. his cousin said all he had was a gamecube and one game. So Daemion asked if he wanted another game to play, and then he gave him the new gameboy that he just got.. of course, Daemion did ask if it was ok first, but, he just blew my mind with that.
    hooking another kid up with some games.. and boy did Daemion make sure to let him know he had a mario game.. he said no kid should be without a mario game.. that was just awesome.

  3. Wow, that's really awesome of Daemion! Glad to know he's sharing, and not one to hog the games...I never understood my friends that would invite me over...and then expect me to be excited to sit on their couch and watch them play games for hours at a time...LOL.


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