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March 06, 2011

Daemion's Mario Kart Wii Tournament Time #2

Grab your coins on [SNES Battle Course 4].
Which route is the fastest on this maze-like course?
Ends on 3-9-11

Daemion worked real hard to get this time. He tried probably around ten times before he was happy with it. It's partly my fault as to why he felt the need to get a better time. See, when the Tournament was first announced and we got the message on our Wii, I read it and started the Tournament. The bad part was I signed into Daemion's account because I wanted to use the secret character "Boo" to race. Now the time that I got is at the top of the list of times after you finish a Tournament race. Even when you go to send in a time that isn't as good, it still sends the fastest time made.
That's why you don't see a picture of the time he sent in that has the ranking with everyone in the world. All we have is the time he had just as the race was finished. I promise this won't happen again!

Daemion said: "It was a little hard this time.. lots of hard turning"

[Tournament #2]
[1:46:022 w/ Wheel]
Well done Daemion!


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