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April 08, 2011

You guys are not gonna believe what i found today

Sorry for the lack of posting, but friend called earlier to tell me he had a rental property that needed to be cleaned out so he could get some new people in it. I was hesitant to go because of the bad earache I have. Until he said, "well, there is something here you might be interested in. It's something Nintendo". So I quickly told him I'd be there in a second and left right away without anymore questions.

When I arrived, I asked him where it was while he was in the middle of telling me what he wanted done lol. So he quickly took me to it..... and there it was, a Sharp TV with a Nintendo built into it! I had only read about these things, and from what I'd gathered, they were super rare. I then quickly cleaned everything up so I could get it home and test it out.

When I got home and got a good look, I started to think that it might not work. It was completely covered in dust and gunk, and it had been sitting in a garage for no telling how long. Most stuff that looks like that usually don't work at all. I figured it was at least worth it to try. So I started cleaning.

After spending about an hour cleaning, it actually started to look good. It has some cosmetic damage, like the power button is missing, and the volume/channel buttons are too, but the contacts were still there. So I plugged it in to see what happened, and to my amazement, the TV powered up! All the buttons even worked!. Then I tried the separate power button for the NES system, it made the TV flicker just like a NES does when it needs a cart. I said to myself, "could this thing actually work, did I just find a working rarity?".

The only real way to know was to go get a working NES cart and controller. So I called up a friend of mine at a gamestore to see if he had a cheap cart and controller I could buy from him. He said they could hook me up with both for around $10 bucks. So I drove down there and back to get them as quick as I could. When I got back I threw the cart in it and pressed the power, then BAM, it came on! I'm just so excited right now, I really can't believe something like this just fell into my lap.

Below are a few pics of the unit before I cleaned it up real good. Have any of you guys ever heard of one of these? Have you ever seen one?

Again, sorry everything didn't get posted. At least you now know why. I'm feeling a little better, so everything should be back to normal tomorrow. Have a good night everyone!


  1. Wow! That's a nice find. They didn't have any games just sitting in the garage did they?

  2. just one.. jeopardy.. and it was covered in nasty, so i didn't get it.. but you can bet i was looking for some.. i just knew if i kept looking i'd find a world championships cart or something lol!

  3. haha - that's a very cool find. Pretty sure I've heard about those, but never seen any pics, let alone any that work currently Congrats on the fine, and glad to hear you're feeling a bit better to boot. :)

  4. Dude! That is one awesome find! As far as I have been made aware, they are quite rare... If you keep your eyes peeled over the next few years, you should be able to find replacement buttons for the TV and restore it to its former glory!

    Color me jealous...


  5. been playing "rush n attack" on it most of the day to see if it can handle being on for a while.. so far so good.. i'm still not real sure if i'm gonna keep it.. i've already had a few juicy offers.. and finding parts is almost impossible it seems.. i don't know, i'll probably hang on to it for a little while.. i need to open it up and clean everything real good if i'm gonna do that though. u can tell it was in a garage for some time. makes me want to track down the original owner and give them a good talkin' to!

    my earache still hasn't went away.. so it looks like i'm gonna have to goto the doctor to see whats up tomorrow.

  6. Sorry to hear about the perpetual earache - I was hoping it would let up by now so you could better appreciate your new toy. That said, I'd be torn. I love my game memorabilia but I can only imagine some of the pretty solid offers you've been getting. I'm more about functional systems, and admit that I would probably sell it myself. Either way, you'll have to let us know what the verdict is. :)

  7. thanks... it's starting to get annoying.. and i didn't go to the doctor today either.

    i actually traded it earlier to a guy that owns a new gamestore in town.. i'll let you guys know what it is later.. i gonna go lay down.. feeling kinda sick.

  8. Hope you're feeling a bit better today - no new post makes me think not though. :( You sound like you have my approach to going to the doc - if it's not falling off, I can deal with it. Which might be why I haven't gone in like 8 years. It might also be a really bad-for-you- thing to do. :P So you traded it in then, huh? Get anything good you can talk about? When you're feeling better. best wishes until then man.


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