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March 02, 2011

Add our Wii code!

Wanna add us as a friend on your Wii? Every time we get a new(or older) game with WiFi we will message all our friends to see if they have that game and want to exchange game codes. That way you could end up playing against Daemion in an online match, and it might be recorded and posted on the blog! All you have to do is add our Wii code to your system, then leave a comment here with your name and code, or you can just email the code to:
We will add you ASAP!

We hope to play some of you guys online one day!

Here's our code: 5404-5749-2906-6782

Here's a list of our Online Enabled Games:

Mario Kart Wii (E)
ExciteBots: Trick Racing (E)

ExciteBike: World Rally (E)
SnowBoard Riot (E)
Tetris Party (E)
Pool Revolution (E)
Silver Star Chess (E)
My Aquarium (E) *Exchange Aquariums
Overturn (E 10+)
Water Warfare (E 10+)

Dad's Games:
Goldeneye 007

I'm sure some of you may have noticed that there is a couple E 10+ games here in the list. We actually do let Daemion play them from time to time. I checked the games before buying them, and there isn't anything in them that he hasn't seen on Daytime TV or talked about with his friends. So please don't think that we'll let him play just any game no matter what the rating is. As a parent, it's ultimately up to you to judge what is good or bad for your children to play. We also make sure to be there with him the entire time he is playing these games.
I'm a real big FPS fan, and Daemion has walked in on me playing them a few times, not to mention hearing me talk about how much I love them. I used to tell him that one day he'd be able to share my joy of those types of games. Then, when Water Warfare(FPS using Squirt Guns) came out, I instantly checked out some gameplay videos and then made the decision that it would be ok for him to play it. As for Overturn(Fighting Robots), Daemion loves anything that has to do with robots, and I was wanting the game for myself too. So after playing it for a while I decided that it too would be ok for him to play. He actually doesn't really like the game because of the difficulty and controls. It can take some getting used to.

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