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February 28, 2011

NEWS - Facebook activist page opens to boycott 3DS purchases over 'conflict minerals' issues

Click HERE for Facebook page

Here's a bit of a mission statement from the Facebook page...
Hi. I'm a guy who likes video games. My favorite video games have been those I've purchased from Nintendo. I love Nintendo. And when I heard about the Nintendo 3DS, I was psyched.

Hi. I'm also a guy who cares about people. The best times in my life have been spent with people. I love people. And when I heard that Nintendo is allowing people to die and suffer grave human rights abuses for the sake of video game console production, I was horrified.

Nintendo isn't alone. The Enough Project, a campaign to end genocide and human rights abuses, has uncovered the practices of many electronics companies that involve a failure to ensure conflict minerals are not being traded for use in those companies' products. And what are conflict minerals? They are minerals that are mined in the Congo under countless abuses of human rights by armed rebel groups. Why has no one stopped this? Because we're doing the exact opposite-- fueling the war with our consumerism.

Thanks to GoNintendo and Destructoid


This sounds like a problem that needs to be brought to the attention of Nintendo.. I wonder if they will release any statements regarding this.


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