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April 05, 2011

What a night

Last night while we was writing up the Epic Mickey Review, a huge thunderstorm rolled in and we had to shut down the PC. We never lost power, but I think it's better to be safe than sorry.

There is trees down all over the place. So I'm about to head outside to start the cleanup. When I get back in, I'll try and catch up on the news before Daemion gets home today. We should have the Review up sometime later today.



  1. Hate those big storms. Well, let me rephrase that - I love storms, but I hate the damage and potential loss of power they can cause. I think I care more now that I own my own home. :) Looking forward to your review of the game. This is one I've been keeping an eye out for used, but haven't seen it at any of our Gamestops yet, and even then I don't know what they'll be asking, but I know a few people in my house are curious about this one.

  2. Crazy...same thing here last night, except it wasn't until the middle of my GoldenEye post, that the lights starting flickering, and I was like..."Oh, puuhlease no lightning strike!"

    After I posted it, I quickly unplugged everything...just to be safe.

  3. i'm always real worried when a thunderstorm rolls in.. i've had tv's, computers and game systems get fried from lightening strikes.

    oh man i feel ya coffee, i had the power go out in the middle of the smash bros. review.. i had literally two sentences left and then, BAM, no power.. i flipped out.. but then, when everything came back on, i checked the blog and a draft had been saved.. wooohoo!

    i love the sound of storms, but not the damage it can create too lol.
    personally, i love epic mickey.. but i'm not so sure about Daemion.. i haven't talked with him yet on the scoring, but i really don't think it's gonna be good.. he was already wanting to trade it in the other day when he called it quits.. Holly and I had to tell him that we wanted to try and finish it for ourselves before we let it go... one of the things he said the most while playing the game was, "WHY, WHY DOES IT KEEP DOING THAT!?".


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