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April 05, 2011


It's looking like the review won't be done today. I had completely forgot about Daemion's school play later tonight. Plus Daemion isn't in the best mood because he was choked and hit in the face while on the bus today. We called the school to talk with the principle or his teacher, but neither of them was available.
Due to these circumstances, we are gonna hold off on the review and news till tomorrow or the next day.
I'm also currently trying to find someone to help with posting News here in case Holly or I can't do it. Hopefully we can have all the kinks worked out and everything going full steam soon.



  1. "Plus Daemion isn't in the best mood because he was choked and hit in the face while on the bus today."

    Whoever let their kid off the leash long enough to do something like this is NOT at the top of my Christmas list. I can think of a different list of mine that they are probably climbing pretty quickly, but for the sake of the children, I will leave that list's name to your imagination....

    Tell Daemion that I'm sorry to hear about what happened on the bus, and that the reason people like that act that way and do those things is because they feel bad about themselves. They just want to make someone else feel worse than them, so they can feel big.

    Also tell him, that aside from a select few, people like that ALWAYS get what's coming to them when they grow up and realize that there's always somebody bigger, tougher, or more powerful than them in the real world. Experiences like this will just show Daemion what kind of person he wants to be.

    Take your time with the "Epic Mickey" review, you guys, and we'll be looking forward to it at The 8-Bit Variety Show!


  2. "Plus Daemion isn't in the best mood because he was choked and hit in the face while on the bus today."
    That's crazy! Hopefully the bus had cameras, and in the least the bus driver should know what happened, that's why they have those gigantic mirrors up front...for a full view of the bus.

    Have fun at the play, and hopefully Daemion feels better quickly!

  3. I am really sorry to hear that. My little guy got into it with a kid at school the other day too. He didn't handle it well himself, but it's frustrating all of the way around I know. Hope you enjoy the play tonight and post whenever you get some time to do so :) We'll be here later as well, heh.

  4. thanks for your kind words everyone.. I will tell Daemion what you guys said when he gets home today.. i'm very proud that Daemion didn't do anything back. he went straight to the bus driver and told him what happen.. well, he didn't say the kid had choked him, just punched. yesterday was supposed to be such a good day.. i even took the dsi to the bus stop to take some pics of him getting off the bus. at least the play last night was a success. he had a total blast and did a great job. i'll put up some pics later today if you guys want.
    again, thanks for all that you guys have said.. i'm sure it will make Daemions day when i tell him.



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