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April 04, 2011

Just so you know

I took out the "Awesome Stuff" link at the top and put it in the "Blog Links" section on the left side of the blog. I'll also try and catch up on the weekend News later today. I'm real busy with some stuff right now and just can't get to it yet. Also, Daemion said he is officially done with Epic Mickey for now. So expect a Review on it later today or tomorrow!



  1. Tell Daemion that I'm looking forward to his review!

    Also, what happened to the Harley-Davidson 3DS codes story? I followed the link on my blogroll, and it seems that it has disappeared. You probably removed it for some reason, but in case you didn't, I thought I would let you know it happened.

    Either way, bring on the Epic Mickey review!


  2. ill tell him!

    funny thing... when i pulled open the new issue of popular mechanics i seen something that looked just like the Mii QR codes for the 3DS in a harley ad.. i quickly took pictures of it, and started the post.. i mean, they were the same, except it didn't have the "Mii" symbol on them.. just as i clicked the submit button, i seen some verrrry small print that said they were QR codes for a certain kind of cell phone... boy did i feel like an idiot lol

    we started on the review last night, but had to turn off the pc because of a nasty storm that rolled in.. the storm is gone now, but there is trees down all over the place.. i'm about to head outside to start the cleanup.. when i get back in, ill start back on the news i missed and the review... but i won't be able to finish it till after Daemion gets home from school.. he isn't gonna get away from typing his part out lol.. it will be a busy day.

    i have a feeling the scores aren't gonna be so good for this one. the camera really bothered him.. enough to quit playing before the end.


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