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April 13, 2011

YES!!!! We Won!!!

We won the 3DS in the Gamesplash.net Giveaway!!! They just emailed letting us know and to get our info. We just can't believe it! Thank you Gamesplash!!!!!

BTW, we still haven't been able to get our other pc on the net quite yet. I'm having problems with getting linux to recognize our wireless network card. I have a good friend that is gonna come over and try to help. So stay tuned!


  1. Congrats! i was really hoping you would, given the 'investment' as it were. I'm really happy for you guys! That's awesome news, thanks for letting us know - I was curious!

  2. Congrats! Can't wait to hear more impressions of it!

  3. Congratulations, guys! You definitely deserved the win!

    Enjoy all the 3DS-ing that will inevitably be happening at your house from here on out!



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