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April 12, 2011


Our pc officially bit the dust.. Luckily i had just got another pc for video capture, so we'll be able to use it.. I typing this on the Wii, so I have to keep this short. I'm working on the newer pc right now.. Hopefully I'll have it hooked up and running soon.. We do have some good news to announce.. Nintendo has been checking out our blog lately, and they are going to start sending us games to review! I'll let u guys know more on that, plus more later



  1. Sorry to hear about the dead CPU - that's a bummer. I've never tried really using my Wii to compose a message more than about 3 words, so well done with that. :)

    Also, that is very, very cool about Nintendo! Ask them where I sign up for that program. LOL Keep up the good work, and hope you're feeling better to boot now. :)

  2. Wow! It is absolutely amazing that you guys are going to be on the review list for Nintendo now! Way to go, guys! You do a fine job, and your hard work has paid off!

    Now, if you could tell them that your old pal BitNick would like a piece of that action...


  3. Rofl@Bitnick - I know that feeling. That's super cool, but given how good the reviews and content here are, it's not undeserved - but still a cool surprise!


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