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April 07, 2011

Latest Gaming Purchases

We picked up most of these over the last week through some trade. We let go Mario Party 7, Kirby Air Ride and Cars DS. If you can't see exactly what these are in the pic, they are Yoshi Island DS, Mario Party DS, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Mario 64 DS and De Blob Wii. I'm thinking these DS games are gonna keep us busy for quite some time. We also got De Blob so we could go through it before getting the second one.



  1. Very cool. My younger two have Mario Party, Mario 64 and Zelda. My little girl in particular loves Zelda - so hopefully they'll have lots of fun!

  2. cool! Daemion loves zelda too.. he is currently stuck in the fire temple lol. he wants to see how far he can get without my help. i walk in on him occasionally when he's playing and hear him trying to sound out some words.. i love it.

  3. Has he gotten by it yet? My daughter's a bit older than Daemion - a couple of years if I'm recalling is age right - she's 9. She got stuck a few times, and went out to the cpu and found another kid's walkthrough on youtube and used it at least twice I can think of. Cracked me up the first time I saw her out in the nook though, curled up in her chair with her DS, watching a DS being played on youtube.


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