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March 31, 2011

3DS - bottom screen leaving scratches on top screen?

Here's something a few people have been experiencing with the 3DS, and it could lead to some issues down the road. For whatever reason, it seems that the bottom screen will leave a smudge mark on the top screen when the 3DS is closed. You'll get two faint lines running down the sides of the top screen that can usually be wiped away. Unfortunately, now we're hearing from some people that the top screen is getting faint scratches from the top screens...lines that can be felt and not wiped away. Obviously, this could be a bit of a distraction when viewing 3D. Has anyone else come across this problem? I've had the smudges, but haven't seen a scratch yet.

Thanks to GoNintendo for the heads up!


Some people over at GoNintendo are saying that screen protectors are helping with the situation..  So if you are worried about this happening to your system, better go grab some screen protectors now! Also, be careful when closing your system!


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