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March 31, 2011

Awesome Stuff - Pokeball Bento Box



  1. Pretty cool site man.Do you Play any old school mario like on snes or nes?I been wearing out my ps3 lately so when I am in here on my pc I play all the old school snes games with emulators.

  2. thanks, glad you like it!
    we have all the original mario games that are available downloaded on our wii.. but we've been playing stuff like pacman, galaga and lolo lately.. well, when we have the chance.. we are currently working hard on a review for epic mickey.
    thanks for stopping by!


  3. My kids all dig Pokemon - especially my younger 2. I showed this to my son this morning and he thought that was very cool. :)

  4. cool! my son hasn't played the first pokemon game yet.. i'm still trying to talk his mother into letting him, haha

  5. LOL - my younger two have played several of the Pokemon games over the years. though, they seem to like the game boy/DS versions the most. I don't know if you saw my son's post on my blog here:


    But if you're curious about a 12 year old boy's impression of the latest Pokemon White game for the DS, there you go. :)

  6. cool! i will definitely check that out.. thanks for the heads up!


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