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April 19, 2011

ESRB updates confirm Mega Man 5 VC release, Cricket Challenge for WiiWare


Platform: Wii
Rating: Everyone
Content descriptors: No Descriptors
Rating summary:
This is a sports simulation game in which players engage in matches of cricket. During each match, players perform a variety of offensive or defensive shots (i.e., strokes) while they hit boundaries and vie for the highest score.
Mega Man 5
Platform: Wii
Rating: Everyone
Content descriptors: Mild Cartoon Violence
Rating summary:
This is an action-platformer in which players control a small character that shoots and jumps its way through sci-fi environments to defeat enemy robots. Players can use an arm cannon to shoot tiny pellets at enemy creatures (e.g., mouse-, bird-, and bug-like robots); effects include small white bursts and brief explosion sounds.


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