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March 17, 2011

Mail Time!

Got these in the mail today from Club Nintendo!
They are the same great quality as the ones that come with your wiimotes.
You can get them at Club Nintendo for 450 coins. All you have to do is register your first party Nintendo games and take a few surveys.
It's really that easy.



  1. I usually only remember about the Club Nintendo points when I get a Nintendo game...which is usually only once or twice a year.

    Perhaps I should go fill out a few surveys, as my son would probably like these more when he gets a little older, and can pick colors and stuff.

  2. you should. i'm sure the little guy would love to pick his favorite color to have when its time to start playing.. there is quite a bit of good stuff available at CN. my favorite for the price is the wiimote holders. we have the black and white one.. though we don't put the wiimotes in them, just nunchuks. our charge base holds the wiimotes.



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