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March 01, 2011

3DS NEWS - 3DS out and about, resting your eyes, initial shipments and worried parents?

Here are some various 3DS tidbits for you guys...
Did you know that some retailers in Hong Kong are already selling the 3DS? It's been out there for a couple days now, and it looks like there was some skimming of retail units meant for Japan. Currently, the system is selling for HKD$3400 (USD$436).
Nintendo is now saying that gamers should take a break every 15 minutes if they're viewing 3D on the 3DS. Capcom has also implemented a message in Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition that states "A ten minute break is recommended every 30 minutes." I don't think many people followed the Wii suggestions, and I'm guessing the same thing here.
In one classroom of 35 7-year-olds, there is only one child that is getting a 3DS on launch day. It seems that the other children aren't getting them because their parents are worried about arguments between younger siblings that shouldn't be viewing the 3D. On top of that, they're also worried about the 'hassle' of Nintendo's 15 minute break suggestions. Is this a small indicator of trouble that rests ahead for Nintendo?
Finally, some retailers in Japan are still keeping quiet on how many 3DS units they're going to get. When called and asked, most shop employees said that the numbers are still up in the air, and they aren't quite sure what they'll receive. You and I know that's bull, but it looks like retailers are trying to keep things quiet when it comes to initial shipments.

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