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March 24, 2011


We finally got our computer running again.. One of our ram chips went out and made everything mess up. It's not running great, but it does work now. Hopefully we will be able to get another ram chip soon to help it run better. Until then, we won't be posting up much of anything because of how long it takes. Plus it sometimes hangs up and has to be restarted. Grrr.
I will be posting up Daemion's Mario Kart time and a great pic of him and his brother playing Mario Kart in just a few minutes. Also, since it's spring break we have been playing Epic Mickey every chance we get. So we should have the review of it up very soon! Stay tuned!


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  1. Glad the computer is running...even if slowly. I've been extremely lucky for the last 10 years, and never had a serious computer issue, and I'm hoping that continues.

    Hopefully everything will get back to normal soon, and I'm looking forward to reading the next review!


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