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March 13, 2011

Daemions UDraw Creation #2

The coloring book mode on UDraw Studio
is wonderful.
It would be nice if they would release a game that had downloadable packs of these coloring book drawings. We would get them in a heartbeat.



  1. This is awesome!
    Our son isn't old enough for the uDraw Tablet yet, though he does scribble right now on a magnetic sketch pad thingamajig.

  2. thanks!
    That's where Daemion started. He used a sketch pad for years.. His little brother is 4 and does a good job using the tablet, but i do make sure to be there at all times.. Any younger than that and i think you take a chance of them damaging it. The pen is pressure sensitive and i imagine it can take only so much punishment. Plus the cord that comes out of the tablet is just begging to be pulled right out. lol


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