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March 02, 2011

3DS NEWS - Super Monkey Ball 3D - Monkey Fight details

- select one of 16 characters
- 8 are playable when you start the game
- unlock more monkeys by playing through Monkey Fight in single player mode, grabbing special bananas, and through Play Coins
- 4 monkeys fight at once
- 2D stages
- bananas fall from the sky and onto ledges for players to grab
- steal bananas from other monkeys by beating them up
- punch barrels 10 times to jump inside for your special attack
- monkey with the most bananas at the end of the round wins
- there's also a "hidden mode" that conceals the banana counts on the bottom screen
- each monkey has a different fighting style
- Jet, a martial arts master, has nimble punches and can throw a fireball
- Gongon, a heavy gorilla, packs a powerful punch, is slow, and has a strong shoulder tackle
- Captain Aiai uses guns for a long range attack
- supports download play, but cuts back on roster

More screens here

Thanks to GoNintendo


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