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February 15, 2011

News Posted on this Site

For now, I'm only going to be putting up news for general Wii stuff.. Occasionally you might see something that pertains to the DS, but very rarely. The main reason is because i help Daemion read every post on here. And he currently doesn't have a DS. So when he reads something like that, it reminds him of not having one.
He did have DS a few years ago when i got one in a trade, but he just wasn't ready yet. So we traded it for some more Wii games and a points card.

since he got a real nice report from his teacher this quarter, and helped start a Nintendo gaming blog, i think it's time he gets his own new DSlite. So whenever Uncle Sam gives us our money this year(within a week), i will march right down to the gamestore and get him one with a new mario game.
Now, don't you guys tell him! Wait a sec... hope i can keep him from seeing this blog! agh!

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