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February 20, 2011

Netflix: Change is good

We had Netflix once before right after it first came out for the Wii, but we let it go when we upgraded our Cable Plan. The selection back then was decent, but there wasn't a search function. There was just a simple menu featuring some of the best movies available in sections according to genre and the ones you put in your Queue(Instant Watch Line). If you wanted to try and find something in particular, you would have to search for it using your PC so you could add it to the Queue. Not to mention having to use a disc to load up Netflix. I had also read about how the Xbox360 didn't use a disc to stream content. So this became a minor annoyance knowing it should be possible to have a channel. I mean, the 360 can have it, why can't the Wii? Was it because the Wii's internal storage is small? Was this really the only way it could work? Well, I know now that wasn't the case, because the channel is sitting on my Wii menu as I type this out.
Not to long ago, Netflix changed those very things for the better. You DO NOT need to use a Netflix disc to view the streaming content. Just simply download the Channel from the WiiShop, then load it up from your Main Wii Menu. Once it has loaded, the Netflix Channel will give you a code and a web address to enter on your PC. Just enter all of that info into your PC and then you're ready to go.
The selection and menu has also been improved quite a bit since we used it last too. The glorious search button that was missing from the menu has been added! It even seems to run a little smoother, with no hiccups so far. We were even able to stream on our PS3 and the Wii at the same time! The kids went crazy when they saw some of the stuff offered on the streaming service now. There are tons of new and old kids movies, cartoons, and sometimes complete series.
It even has some more old favorites of mine and Holly's from the 80's that I thought people had forgot or just didn't care about. Plus there are tons more great documentaries and science stuff than before.
They're offering up a FREE trial right now that you can cancel at any time for people new to the service. When signing up, there are a few different plans to choose from. The Streaming only is $8+tax. Everything else is $10 and up. Though for just $8 you're gonna get a whole lot of entertainment for your buck. If you haven't already, go check it out. You really have nothing to loose. Thanks for listening to my little rant/plug, have a good night!

Go HERE to find out how to
Download the Netflix Channel to your Wii.


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