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February 26, 2011

Game Finds - DSi

Picked this up yesterday afternoon for $105 even at a cool little resale shop. We all absolutely love it! It was the owners daughters, but she was just too little for it, so they sold it to us at a great price. It came with the box, charger, all the paperwork, and it even has a few dsiware games on it. We went to the gamestore to try and find a good cheap game today, but everything was out of our price range right now or not E rated, so we picked up a nice little carrying bag for $5 instead. Hopefully in the next week or so we can get some games for it. Though, I'm pretty sure the picture games would keep everyone busy for quite some time. Daemion and I just can't get enough of them. We will try and post some of the DSi creations that Daemion and I made by sometime tomorrow.
Now that we have a DS in the house, we will be posting up any "E" rated DS game NEWS here at the blog from now on. We are also going to postpone the Epic Mickey Review for another week. We're real sorry, but the DSi has taken up quite a bit of our normal game time, and I just don't see Daemion heading straight back to the Wii anytime tomorrow or the next day. I know some of you are waiting patiently for the next review, but in order for it to be done right we are gonna have to push it back some. Daemion only gets one hour of game time per day during the week, and two hours per day with breaks on the weekends. So it can be hard to squeeze in any extra stuff and still have enough time to review a game.
Problems like this might also lead to us only reviewing two games per month. This is supposed to be something for him to have fun with, not a job.. and we really don't want him to ever feel like it is. So some things just might have to be changed up a bit. We really hope everyone who follows us can understand.

 Have a good night everyone!


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